Our clearing houses aim to provide stability and manage risk in markets worldwide. Our clearing platform promotes efficiency in operations and capital, no matter where you conduct your transactions.

Risk Management

Establishing resilient financial safeguards to uphold market integrity, all while striving for optimal capital efficiency.

Products and Markets

Our extensive range of products and commitment to serving diverse markets are sources of great pride for us. We take utmost satisfaction in meeting the unique needs and preferences of our customers through our wide array of offerings. With a leading position in multi-asset clearing, we provide exceptional services across global exchanges and OTC markets.

Capital Efficient Margin Procedures

Maximizing the efficiency of capital while ensuring optimal levels of initial and intraday margin to protect the global marketplace.

Clearing Membership

A clearing network that is strategically designed to operate in the regulatory jurisdictions and time zones relevant to your business.

Trading Worldwide Across a Wide Range of Asset Classes

Our trading services enable fair and effective access to liquidity across a range of international marketplaces and asset classes.

Global Clearing Services

Our clearing houses enhance market transparency, discipline, and security globally through robust governance, established risk frameworks, and sufficient capital.

The SRCOM Global Clearing House Network

The SRCOM global clearing network is strategically created to offer clearing services in the regulatory jurisdictions and time zones where your business operates.

Cleared Products

Agriculture - SRCOM caters to the risk management requirements of the softs market by offering cleared products such as benchmark contracts and globally traded agriculturals.

Digital Assets - The Exchange works with contracts designed to offer a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to protect against or gain exposure to cryptocurrencies, without the requirement of physically receiving the asset or relying on the unregulated crypto spot market.

Energy - SRCOM Clearing was created with the purpose of offering central counterparty clearing services to SRCOM's worldwide energy markets. The clearing house has successfully implemented clearing for a wide range of energy products.

Equity Derivatives - Equity derivatives cleared through SRCOM Clearing consist of a wide selection of financial instruments, including popular index futures, single stock futures, single stock options, and a diverse portfolio of dividend-adjusted stock futures that are highly traded.

Forex (FX) - Our platform allows users to benefit from cost savings by combining related products in a group of multiple cross-currency futures. This group consists of various emerging market currencies, as well as the major globally traded FX currencies and indexes.

Interest Rates - Our product lineup provides customers with significant cost savings when it comes to capital. This encompasses highly tradable short-term interest rate futures contracts, as well as contracts related to the Asian sovereign and inter-bank yield curves.

Metals - We provide clearing services for distinctive items in the precious metals industry, such as mini-silver and mini-gold futures and options contracts that have been developed based on customer input.

Your Gateway to the World of Financial Markets


SRCOM's core objective is to facilitate seamless and secure trading of capital market instruments, foreign currencies, commodities, index trading, shares trading, and cryptocurrency trading.


⦁ Creating an efficient marketplace that fosters stability and instills confidence in investors;

⦁ Promoting an international business structure that encompasses various financial products;

⦁ Pioneering digital transformation and innovation;

⦁ Supporting and driving economic growth.

Building a Solid Base and Effective Implementation

In order to achieve success, it is crucial to establish a firm groundwork and carry out strategies effectively. Creating a strong foundation is vital for any endeavor, as it provides stability and a solid starting point.

Operating Based on Strong Principles

Key principles include having strong foundations built on integrity, transparency, service, excellence, teamwork, and innovation. The goal is to strive for improvement by being better, faster, and simpler.

Increasing Long-Term Shareholder Value

We concentrate on emphasizing the increase in profits and positive financial performance while achieving cost efficiency through effective execution.