Index futures and options trading has gained popularity over time as more domestic and international investors have started participating. This allows investors to effectively manage the risks associated with their investment portfolios and take advantage of index arbitrage opportunities.

Benefits of Index Trading

Well-Established Markets

Experienced and beginner investors can engage in index futures and options trading to have a stake in the performance of individual stocks within the index. Index trading is seen by both local and international investors as a reliable measure of the local and global stock market and a way to assess portfolio performance. As a result, various investors consistently utilize these contracts for trading and managing risk.

Cost Efficiency

Index futures and options trading provide opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced investors to engage in the performance of individual stocks within an index. As both local and international investors see index trading as a reliable measure of the local and global stock market’s performance and a way to assess portfolio success, these contracts are widely utilized by various investors for trading and managing risks.

Low Transaction Costs

Transaction costs are relatively low for futures and options contracts because they encompass a significant value of large-cap stocks and only require one commission for establishing or liquidating the contract, as opposed to individually buying or selling the underlying stocks.

Clearing House Assurance

SRCOM Index futures and options are securely registered, cleared, and guaranteed by SRCOM Clearing Corporation (SRCOMCC), a trusted subsidiary of SRCOM. By acting as the counter-party to all open contracts, SRCOM effectively eliminates counter-party risks for its participants. However, it is important to note that the SRCOMCC guarantee does not extend to a participant's obligations to their own clients. Therefore, investors are advised to exercise due care and diligence when selecting a business partner for their transactions.

SRCOM Index Futures & Options

SRCOM enables seamless trading of all major benchmark indexes on both local and global stock markets. These stock indexes are calculated based on market capitalization, which is determined by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding. The performance of each stock in the index is directly proportional to its relative market value. Stocks with higher market capitalization carry more weight and therefore have a greater influence on the overall performance of the index, compared to stocks with lower market capitalization.

Introducing the Premier ETF Market

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Benefits of trading ETF and ETP on SRCOM

On-Exchange Trading - Trade ETFs and ETPs with QOD transparently, efficiently, and securely.

Combination of “Quote Driven Market” and “Quote on Demand” - Improved execution and additional liquidity by combining the two.

Auto-execution - Thanks to the auto-execution option, large orders can be easily settled on a fully automated basis.



Compared to over-the-counter trading, ETF and ETP trading on the SRCOM platform offers enhanced transparency, the convenience of sweep orders, settlement through a central counterparty, and numerous other advantages.

  • A trading platform that follows regulations;
  • Elimination of risk from the other party involved;
  • Seamless process from trading to clearing and settlement;
  • Availability of reports on trade execution;
  • Reduced administrative work due to automatic fulfillment of post-trade transparency;
  • Easy access to a range of domestic and international trading partners.