We provide clearing services for various types of financial products, including futures, options, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. These products are traded in different markets, such as foreign currencies, commodities, index trading, shares trading, and cryptocurrency trading. To help our clients optimize their capital usage, SRCOM implements advanced margin techniques.


SRCOM has become a platform for investors to participate in the worldwide trading of agricultural commodities. Our offerings include futures and options for various soft markets such as coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar, and frozen concentrated orange juice. Additionally, we provide futures and options for feed wheat and the leading canola futures contract.

Our benchmark agreements provide the most internationally significant price indicators for the agricultural sectors and offer various tools to help customers across industries handle price and counterparty risk, facilitate price exploration, and take advantage of new trading prospects in a market that is highly transparent and liquid.

Credit Derivatives

SRCOM's over-the-counter (OTC) markets have greatly contributed to enhancing visibility, liquidity, and availability in markets that were previously unclear and lacked liquidity. SRCOM utilized its extensive experience in OTC markets and combined it with its credit knowledge to establish itself as a frontrunner in trade processing and risk management.

Energy markets

Energy is a vital driver of the worldwide economy. Having access to energy is a crucial element in the expansion of economies. Both buyers and sellers must effectively handle their reliance on energy prices. Consequently, traders and investors rely on dynamic markets to navigate price fluctuations and generate profits.

Price transparency is crucial for the energy market as it allows participants to conduct transactions and manage risk effectively. Understanding the factors influencing prices requires a good grasp of fundamental data. SRCOM is dedicated to advancing market development and offers a wide range of energy products on a global scale. Our customers rely on us for reliable pricing, abundant liquidity, efficient communication tools, and comprehensive data and analytics to stay competitive.

SRCOM Drives the Energy Markets

Risk management is of utmost importance in today's times. We offer the opportunity to access liquidity and accurate trading tools for a wide range of energy products worldwide. As a prominent energy marketplace, our benchmarks are frequently utilized for determining global commodity prices.

In the realm of natural gas, we offer a comprehensive range of benchmarks, enabling participants to effectively manage risk. In the electric power sector, our extensive coverage, coupled with our natural gas markets, facilitates price discovery and helps offset margins. Our environmental markets are crucial in facilitating the energy transition and encompass a wide array of derivatives, including emissions, carbon offsets, and market-based mechanisms.

Coal is a crucial source of energy for producing power and plays a significant role in the global energy industry. Environmental concerns need to be addressed to manage risks and fulfill environmental compliance requirements. Our platform allows you to trade a wide range of natural gas benchmarks, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). Additionally, we provide an electronic marketplace for trading natural gas liquids (NGL) through physical and futures transactions. Investors can access global benchmarks for oil and related oil products, such as locational and refined spreads. Finally, we offer financially settled futures contracts for Japanese electric power, as well as power contracts for other regions.

Equity Derivatives

SRCOM provides a range of equity futures and options contracts based on respected index providers, allowing investors to access global equities in both emerging and developed markets.

SRCOM's product offering includes a diverse selection of single-stock futures and options. This includes the unique Dividend Adjusted Stock Futures which aim to reduce the risk associated with dividends for traders and investors.

Index Trading

SRCOM provides a diverse range of global index futures that encompass various global, regional, country-specific, sector, and factor indices. Additionally, SRCOM introduces micro-sized contracts for leading MSCI Index Futures, which are some of the most liquid equity index contracts globally. Furthermore, SRCOM offers a comprehensive set of highly liquid, cost-effective, and margin-efficient instruments for effectively managing equity risk.

Equity Trading

The trading of leading technology companies offers an opportunity to invest in a specific set of high-growth stocks related to next-generation technology and tech-enabled businesses. Single stock derivatives provide a more efficient alternative to trading individual company stocks. These contracts are available in various geographies and currencies through SRCOM. By accessing Asia's tech giants, investors can participate in the growth and performance of today's highly traded technology and tech-related companies listed on the exchange.

Forex (FX)

To effectively manage currency risk, it is important to have access to global FX markets that offer a wide range of currencies. With SRCOM, you have the opportunity to trade FX contracts, which include major currencies, cross rates, and emerging markets currency pairs.

Cross Rates - We offer a range of minor or cross-currency pairs for trading or hedging strategies that need FX futures but want to avoid exposure to just one currency. Our cross rates offering consists of the most actively traded crosses that come from several main currencies.

Emerging Markets - In highly unstable markets, it is essential to have tools that allow you to effectively navigate both potential opportunities and risks. Our wide selection of currency futures enables you to effectively manage currency exposure in significant emerging markets.

Majors - All significant currency pairs are available as futures contracts.


Our precious metals markets were created with input from customers and have become highly liquid. They include a market for mini gold and silver futures and options, which is known for its liquidity. Our transparent markets and efficient delivery procedures provide market participants with an effective means to manage their positions and put investment and hedging strategies into action.

Forex (FX)

To effectively manage currency risk, it is important to have access to global FX markets that offer a wide range of currencies. With SRCOM, you have the opportunity to trade FX contracts, which include major currencies, cross rates, and emerging markets currency pairs.


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