SRCOM Shares introduces a supplementary liquidity book, enhancing the availability of optimal pricing and extensive liquidity in a complex and fragmented market.

SRCOM serves as a market that connects local and international shares, consistently providing competitive prices and tight spreads while facilitating large trading volumes. We engage a third party to assess the performance of our order books compared to other liquidity pools.

Benefits of Trading with SRCOM

Higher Liquidity - The SRCOM equities possess a significant amount of non-displayed liquidity, making it one of the largest pools in the market.

Better Pricing - The execution price represents the middle value of the lit order book on the Exchange.

Exclusive Setup - Implementation through the identical matching logic as the literal order book.

Diversified Portfolio - Hundreds of highly sought-after shares from various countries are available with us.

Avoiding Conversion - Shares are traded using the local currency to help you save on expensive conversion fees.

The Global Market is Consolidated into a Single Exchange

Global Investment Opportunities

Investing in shares from different countries has become extremely convenient for SRCOM investors. With our global shares segment, you have the opportunity to directly trade over a wide range of the largest global companies on SRCOM. This enables you to diversify your portfolio across various countries and sectors.

A World of Shares

Trade the stocks of some of the largest global companies with us, using both local and foreign currencies, and within the trading hours of the local market.

Regulated Environment

You have the freedom to purchase and sell shares at any point during trading hours with the assurance that the exchange is under regulation.

Expanding Opportunities for SRCOM Investors

Even if it is after the opening hours of the relevant home markets, you are still able to trade your favourite overseas blue chips throughout the SRCOM's trading hours. Our segment's market participants ensure that liquidity does not disappear. They continuously supply binding buy and sell prices throughout trading hours, allowing you to respond promptly to market events.

Forex (FX)

To effectively manage currency risk, it is important to have access to global FX markets that offer a wide range of currencies. With SRCOM, you have the opportunity to trade FX contracts, which include major currencies, cross rates, and emerging markets currency pairs.


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